The Others 

What the fuck is a Ghost
Maybe they’re just memories
Added to some distorted
Wishes about going back in time
wounds that don’t want to heal
Could be all that ghosts are

Maybe they are just lost
Spirits trying to free themselves
from our minds where we keep them
Locked in mental prisons
Exchanging some haunts
And weeping with each other

Ever wonder where they go
When they go if we let them die
When they die
Maybe they evolve from our minds
And find their way back into our hearts

Maybe that’s what Spirits are
If they go when we let them go
Be spiritual in Spirit Worlds
Guiding us through our physical lives
Giving us Being and some Spirituality
With some Healing



I’d walk four thousand miles
just to say hello and never leave
Maybe not that serendipitous
Because I’ve been searching for you
Since creation stories created me

And finding you has taken twelve
thousand years
My bloods flowed through three tribes
as well as a couple European
lies without ties
Navigating through the times
I’ve basically redefined myself

These generational bloodlines of mine
They run their way around my eyes
all down my nose, Evolution
shaped my shoulders to pull canoe
Built my legs to walk over mountains
Just to look for you

Yesterday’s Future

Reaching for the stars
Lost in the clouds wondering how to
Get back to earth and find a way home
Looking for a home, wondering now
Lost in the stars finding the clouds
Wishing for today to be tomorrows dream
Thinking today will be yesterday soon enough

How bout tomorrow needs today for you to just get through
Impatience delving into the mind
And these city folk don’t understand why
Or that patience lived through the Hounds we’ve already trusted

Society telling you its ok to lust
And don’t trust him or her
just go get your own
and that its your time
Letting love sit on a pedestal
While it eludes the chapters you write

And here’s to success

They say 30s the new 20
But fuck that 30 is 30
Tomorrow’s only a day away but
if you always wait until tomorrow
Then yesterday came too late

And here’s to playing it safe

Left standing around wondering how the days went by
Or where did they go and who, what when, where, and why
wandering astray chasing the ghosts of answers that never had questions in the first place
Sort of makes you want to say
fuck it I’m walking

Clouds clear up and still it’s raining
Daydreaming of summer days and swing sets painted on little vignettes
Tomorrows going by fast enough
And the kids are waiting

Lost in the past when things were easy
living in the now seems not as pleasing
Or what ever seems is seeming
Figuring it out is still figuring it out
While futures kids are waiting for their go around incarnation

Life Times

Loved him but didn’t like him
Something about settling
Spinning her wheels
And It didn’t feel right
especially at night

And life,

Gives you a deal like
It’s a funny thing when you feel
Like it’s already been felt
as good as feels good can feel
Less than you bargained for


And then what’s next I guess
everything’ll work itself out
through behavior patterns
and the limbo charades
Looking looking looking

And life,

Ends up falling out of love
Evolution takes change
adding up what makes sense
Sometimes going broke
Along the way


Trying to like back into love
Like falling falling falling
Until they have to get back up
And evolve


And life……..


Painted pictures of hypnotic
Like scripted illusions
Some blood diamonds
To the glaze in your irises
Telling lies about us

Illusory perceptions are Gothic
The truth about promises
And Ideas of honesty, toxic
comets leaving chemtrails
Through Saturn’s Saturday

The calendar of bloodlines
And coherency forgotten
Creating definitions of Thomas
Dying martyrs to this madness
While genetic memories slumber

Waiting to be awakened
Some things about fresh ideas
Accepting letting go of hypnotics
For a healthier honest
Art is life’s truth about freedom

Chasing Sunsets

Time goes running by
to wherever its going 
maybe chasing sunsets  
into tomorrows today
making yesterday yesterday

Change showed up too early
always does and those days
when memories lie about 
the times telling you
those were the good ol’ days 

forgetting today’s today
carrying the weight of yesterday
already thinking about tomorrow
when today needs your energy
to get through life on time 

A Circle of Lies

Outsider on the inside
Infiltrating lives
Genocide and suicide
Taking Spirits eyes
Hungrier for more

Insider on the Outside
Lost in insanity’s lies
Misguided truth
Shaping narcissistic minds
In a circle of lies

Where there lives
An undesirable desire
To be undesirably desired
Reality recreated him
Outside the one he left behind

He got lost in the want
She got lost in him
Hand in hand they walked
Talking in a twisted dialect
Calling Love “Love”