NDN Lady…

NDN Lady-Image

I’m sorry… I truly am…
I didn’t mean to offend
That wasn’t my plan
It’s ok I am always a friend
Whatever your blend

But then again
I woke up today in pain
I woke up hearing my NDN name
And the woman who raised me
She said baby
It’s ok to love blindly

But mom
I got this thing inside me
I don’t know why see
I want a little me
Like you had a little you
But I need an NDN too

And the kids at school
They make fun of my long hair
And I wake up scared
I know that I’m different

Daddy called me a wild NDN
And I believed him
So when I grow up
I want my bow and arrows
I couldn’t ever imagine
Building those Scare Crows

No mom
I’m coming home
The world is shady
And I became NDN lazy

I think it’s…
Time to wake up
And then wake up
In NDN places

Like it’s in my blood,
I hate going through pain
I hate finishing the day
Saying, “what the fuck!”

NDN girl your beautiful
You pained me
That’s just my luck

And maybe just maybe
I am crazy
But that’s ok
It’s not a game
I’m healing the pain
It’s a beautiful life
And I’ll do it again

NDN Lady you created me
And NDNs made me
So I’m loyal to my Ancestors
I won’t let the future erase me

Taking grandmothers shame
And looking for answers
She married an Irishman
And he left her alone…

Like he wasn’t thinking about taking her home
And maybe it’s because she was brown
Or I don’t know why or how
Maybe it’s because she just wouldn’t fit
Into his own hometown

So you see Mom
It’s not about me
My love isn’t blind to the times
I need an NDN lady
Please come and save me
Oh NDN lady…


6 thoughts on “NDN Lady…

  1. I have just come across this site in random internet surfing. I applaud your writing. Stunned by your pen and ink. Keep up the amazing writing. If it comes from you, it’s your baby. Keep nurturing it!

  2. This is probably one of my favorite of your poetic pieces. Your work is truly great.

    In general, I would love to see more poems about ancestors.

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