Sunrises, a new day

I crave the crispness of cold winter mornings

on unburdened lands in the southwest 
or under mountains on coastal shores
where my grandfathers were born
No, not the places where blood has bled
or settlers have settled
but the ones where tiny trees grow
and brush flourishes amongst the community of there
Sunrises over the horizon to say good morning
and my breath takes form 
crystallizing in the air
There could never be a more appropriate time
to give thanks for what we still have
and in that exact moment 
there is nothing to long for
Not even coffee could make it better than when  
i’m raising a handful of water to give thanks 
and that feeling that your hand makes when it shakes
and shivers absorbing life
Here I sit on a city sidewalk
waiting for the train to take me wherever i’m going
and even animals no longer fear their tracks 
so who’s to say they aren’t gone as much as me
even pigeons ancestors were born on concrete 
chasing stories to tell instead of remembering them
But what’s been done before is different now
and the difference is 
its time to redo the same but different

So i guess what i’m really trying to say is
i’m looking for a way to differentiate 
the pain from the understandings we gain
and the things we lost in the fray

So today i’ll dream of those cold wintery days 
on the open plains 
and coastal shores where I can still hear 
my thoughts soar circling the truth

…..Inspired by, and to one of my closest friends, Tazbah Rose



One thought on “Sunrises, a new day

  1. I love this poem. You’re not alone in your longings for the ‘crispness of cold winter mornings.’ The way you describe it, I can imagine myself the foot of some majestic mountain or some other wild, free place I haven’t been – yet. Keep writing, you are good at it!

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