Snow covered trees illuminate

Under the winter sky

Standing like skeletons

In a moonlight sonata


Stars falling into the night

A lone wolf unabashedly hungers

Walking through mysterious shadows

Cast upon this beaten path


Time tells no tales

And dreams are rash

Memory only a tool to live

Death too wants to survive


Questions elude the courier

As the prey seek no answers

Dancing to rhythms on the wind

To understand their modify


Diligent searches awaken life

What works requires the mind

Innovation erases the memory

Leaving a trail of ghostly pain


The wolf remembers the prey

The prey remembers the wolf

Together in sync they think

Sacrificing for the essence of the Circle 


Dreaming in Indian


 We met halfway in a dream

Dreamt in Indian

Meshing our movements

Like a canoe pulling into the beach

Like an Albatross traveling the sea


We grew old together

Like leaves on a tree

Fell back to the earth

Where the grass catches us

Storyboards written on the land


Reminiscing in Creators plan

Remembering the memories

Or just forsaking the Clans

Like sand falling through fingers on open hands

Today isn’t what it seems


I see you there in my dreams

In that longhouse

In that place called journey

Words are the second tongue

And songs tell our story


Storyteller tell me a new one

Only you can do that

Wake up with me there again

We can remember how to say

‘I love you’ in Indian