Remembering the Future

She created me in her womb

Indigenous mothering

saving some food on her plate for the hungrier

Innately nourishing a tribal reality

The things that surviving hasn’t forgotten


I see her standing in the way of progress

Meeting the front lines of ecocide

Using her body as a blockade

Carrying on the resistance

Fighting with Tears and Feathers


She moves unequivocally forward

From the past into the present

Playing with fire and ice

dancing to rhythms on the wind

that only Butterflies can match

Like a mythical Indian lady


I saw Kateri Tekakwitha the Saint

working in a shelter

in Kahnawake tending to the wounded

Defending the warriors on the Palisades

In a glass of water replacing a bottle

Writing a story about Ancestors

that the future will tell their children


Then I saw her kiss John Smith

On 45th and main by the train

As she heads off to the city

She did everything she could

Before she went and did what she would


I tell myself it’s not her fault

I should be man enough to

take the blame for her reasons

When the Grandfathers ask her

What there aren’t enough Indian men?


What did I expect

I forgot the meaning of respect

Trying to be a warrior

Creating wars where there were none

You finally had enough of these lies

No more chasing the times


I guess they say love is blind

That we are born with it

And that other thing called hate

That’s just a part of being erased

Evolutionary indifference

What works is all in Creators time and space