Painted pictures of hypnotic
Like scripted illusions
Some blood diamonds
To the glaze in your irises
Telling lies about us

Illusory perceptions are Gothic
The truth about promises
And Ideas of honesty, toxic
comets leaving chemtrails
Through Saturn’s Saturday

The calendar of bloodlines
And coherency forgotten
Creating definitions of Thomas
Dying martyrs to this madness
While genetic memories slumber

Waiting to be awakened
Some things about fresh ideas
Accepting letting go of hypnotics
For a healthier honest
Art is life’s truth about freedom


3 thoughts on “Clockwork

  1. The imagery your depict with your words are very powerful. I love the lines ‘The calendar of bloodlines and coherency forgotten’ , speaks to a lot of lost time, cultural memory and histories.

    Punchy, thought provoking ending with a lot of truth.

    Enjoyable piece.

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