I’d walk four thousand miles
just to say hello and never leave
Maybe not that serendipitous
Because I’ve been searching for you
Since creation stories created me

And finding you has taken twelve
thousand years
My bloods flowed through three tribes
as well as a couple European
lies without ties
Navigating through the times
I’ve basically redefined myself

These generational bloodlines of mine
They run their way around my eyes
all down my nose, Evolution
shaped my shoulders to pull canoe
Built my legs to walk over mountains
Just to look for you


9 thoughts on “Mutt

  1. Your journey is definitely sacred
    Just as our ancestors have spoken,
    Every child, a promise
    to become more than what we can believe.
    / Welcome upon it, now let’s trudge~Cheerfully!!! ❤

  2. This is truly beautiful Martin, maybe one of my favorites and that’s saying something because I love your writing. I can’t help wondering if this piece is you finally finding what your spirit is searching for or if you are yearning… Are you searching for someone or are you looking for yourself?

  3. Thank you. You helped me make with some peace and pieces. My surviving people scrambled deep into the mountains of Appalachia to avoid Trail of Tears. I’ve been helping my generation and our young to reconcile, understand and appreciate this particular we, I , you, us.

  4. Are you the dream I search for? I spend almost a lifetime looking for a reality I feel I felt before and will feel again.. vivid are the thoughts…as real as sunrises and as worthy as sunsets…how many lives must I live to see you again… perhaps another level of destinstion…we will meet again

  5. I love this so much. You have a true talent. You’ve inspired me to write poetry again. Thank you so much.

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